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RIP the greatest cat in the world, Hussy [May. 23rd, 2007|09:45 pm]
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So at the beginning of february, I finally realized one of my life goals to own a cat, and we adopted the coolest one in the world from the human society, Hussy. She was a year and a half old when we got her, and even all those stupid people who didn't get excited or act like it was any big deal at all to have a cat quickly realized their error once they met her and agreed that there was no better cat on the face of the planet.

About a month ago, Ilana got a puppy who despite my not-being-a-dog-person is adorable and wonderful, etc. and at about the same time Hussy became really reclusive and just hid in her little bed in my closet all day instead of jumping around as much as she normally did. We figured that she had settled in to her environment and didn't like being around toby, and attributed her rather sudden weight gain to the fact that she no longer exercised and that everyone said that she needed to gain weight anyway because she was always so small.

But today when I woke up she was sprawled out across the floor flailing and howling and obviously in pain, so we took her to the vet. It turns out that Hussy had a rare disease that most cats are exposed to at some point in their life but nothing ever happens with, but can come up at times of stress and change to their environment and once it does its always fatal. When we thought she had been gaining weight her belly was really just becoming distended with fluid, and her flailing around this morning was the virus being in her nervous system and causing seizures. Needless to say, with incurable fatal diseases being that advanced and her in a lot of pain, we had to put her to sleep today.

I had been thinking about getting an actual kitten over the summer because I still want one, but now I just dont' see that happening for a while. The fact that there's no way to tell if this is going to happen again and knowing that if it did there'd be nothing I could do about it is just a bit much when I lost the embodiment of my childhood dream only three months after I got her.

I'm still trying to figure out how to upload videos here from my phone because god knows I went kind of crazy with taking them when I got her, but for now here are some of the many photos I took while she was here (all on cell phone so none are good quality). Rest in peace Hussy-cat.

When we first got her, just chilling with the TV:

Curled up in that adorable way she did:

I think this was maybe the fourth time she straight-up scaled our screen door, although you may not be able to tell that there's a dark blob on there, there is and her name is hussy:

Curled around my hand:

and with her auntie carrie and other mommy ilana:


From: a_girl_like_you
2007-05-24 03:29 am (UTC)
eek. I'm sorry honey. :( I did adore Hussy. And I'm not the biggest cat person either. I remember the first time I saw her scale the screen door. I thought I was going to die laughing.

Also, darling, you didn't lose the embodiment of your childhood dream... you're too young to give up on things like that. I support getting a new kitten- whenever you're ready to, of course.
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